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Last Saturday was the Geeky party organised by Rinske en Tibor. I was invited by Patrice Riemens, an old friend. I went because I was curious to see and meet the next generations, and perhaps even some old friends. What I found was next generations hackers, open sourcerers, lateral thinking scientists, creative people, and squatters. Fun people that can handle jumpy discussions in all directions, even when drunk.

The day had started in the blazing sun, but there was a small river nearby that was clean enough to swim in and cool down with. The BBQ was excellent, the fire place the very best, and the band did appear, though hours too late at two thirty in the night. I give them credit for getting out their gear anyway and playing until four, but by then I had long gone to my tent and had drifted off somewhere else.

I appreciate all that I had discussions and sparkling exchanges with. I learned a lot about what has happened in these “movements” after I went my own nomadic serendipity way two decades ago.

Some “things” like the educational system seem to have taken a nose dive in the Netherlands. We fought to stop the introduction of two-phase re-structuring of University education in the eighties, to no avail. After that it went downhill fast apparently. Now there is a bachelor/doctoral degree system again, as there was when we were at University, but the doctoral degree has been brought down to a one to two year research program. It is possible to do a three year more decent research doctoral, but that costs around 4 times more. Affordable only by elite, or when you take a loan that puts you in a slave-to-the-system position right from the start. Yergh.

Squatting is now a well developed and mature culture, with negotiations and exchanges between formal and informal worlds. Social rent and the squatters get to decide who else can come and live in the house when a place opens up. How wonderful!

In terms of universal emotions, the three major (collective unconscious) projections of male energy on female energy: practical mother, “liberated” woman a la Emmanuelle, Saint, … and is there some space left for the being projected on, to just be herself in the eyes of the beholder. Nope! None! This is all dreamscapes … And we simply will not let ourselves be defined by the limited perceptions of others. 🙂

It seems that Jung recognised, although he gives little time to it, that the anima in women does not function entirely like the anima in men, that is, as a complement or balance to the conscious nature. He implies that in men, the anima functions on both personal and archetypal levels. On the personal level, it is projected onto wives and lovers and functions as a balance to the masculine ego. In women, it functions more on the archetypal than personal level. It is a soul force, and hence finds expression in artistic and mythological projections.

Note Nynke: And in designs … the greatest hungers are the drivers of our souls!

On another note and in another discussion configuration we agreed that we believe that (self-)organisation without authority is possible. We are all born naked and without local cultural codings of compensatory polarisations. A childlike state that can be recalled again. Working for that to happen as much as possible for as many people as possible, is a meaningful purpose, and required for truly creative innovation and congruent self (re)creation.

But you know, it’s all in the details and interactions and social realities of our daily dreaming on Earth. A reality check, yes. Being right never worked, and I doubt it ever will. We do not wish to become the petty tyrants that we fight. Not fighting the legacy system and gradually replacing it with a new, more conscious, self esteeming and emotionally balanced system, works a lot better. Evolution is “minimax”, minimum effort, maximum impact.

A party that not just nourished my physical being. It fed my soul: Games, social psychology, why cities grew and what technology has to do with that, more games, linux issues with mom’s that do or don’t use it, a man wrongly accused of drug trafficking, bohemian notes, and brilliant ideas for worst and best case workshops for executives – we will send old school hardcases to an SM house to be given a prisoner-of-war interrogation with torture for the necessary anima compensation. I laughed and laughed, and I soaked it all up … I’m inspired for fun stuff I can go do (more of), intending consistency and continuity in arena’s of success and solution, in my own outside-in inside-out within downside-up upside-down crazy thunderbird way.

Muchos Gracias All!


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