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On request for a Microsoft XP user ~ no access to Linux tools

Searching proxies by using these tools, you may be perceived as hacker and treated as such by authorities.


Proxy Hunter (No longer in development but the latest version 3.1 beta1 works fine), Angry IP Scanner, AAtools, Superscan, and Charon.


Due to proxy hunting becoming more popular and increased leeching of the publicly available proxies from search engines with these tools, the load on search engines increased dramatically, and search engines are taking precautions. When searching for proxies using these tools, use a small number of parallel connections, a reasonable connection time out time (not too short), and avoid internet peak times.

Proxy levels

Proxy levels are graded 1 to 5, with level 1 being the best. Socalled proxy judges judge proxies on the basis of the variables that the proxy server sends.

The variables that a proxy server can send to another server when requesting a service for you are:

  • HTTP_VIA, HTTP_FORWARDED and HTTP_USER_AGENT_VIA tell the web server that a proxy has been used.
  • HTTP_CACHE_CONTROL and HTTP_CACHE_INFO contain information about the cache of the proxy server.
  • HTTP_CONNECTION by connection type “Close” demonstrates that a proxy server is likely being used (or the outdated HTTP 1.0 protocol). “Normally”, browsers use connection type “Keep-Alive“.

All proxy protection levels filter out IP address, and that is what matters for most anonymous surfing purposes.

For some purposes however, like anonymous registration with sites, you may need an Elite connection (level 2 or level 1). An Elite proxy server does not send these variables and it looks to the site you are registering with, as if you are not behind a proxy.

Legal considerations

Searching proxies by using these tools, even if only for anonimous surfing, you may be perceived as hacker and treated as such by authorities.

Use these tools for verifying public proxies, instead of for blindly searching proxies, which may cause problems to others and yourself. Get a decent first leech list from a trusted source. And NEVER hunt for level 1 or 2 proxies using these tools. As user, you will be charged with all that you do.

Increase your response ability

Set up and enter your very own proxy instead. Evolve the “anonimity and privacy” meme!


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