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If we dispel ignorance, we dispel suffering. Half of learning to “hack to learn” is learning a system from the inside out, and most internet servers run either Unix or Linux, because it still is the much better system for that. Even more now.

By re-reading anything and everything I can get my hands on related to hacking and Unix and Linux systems, experimenting and exploring, and sharing my adventures with that in this blog. I can help dispel gullibility and ignorance!

A worthy vision … a world with just a little less suffering, and a little more anonymity, privacy, and security.

And I didn’t stop at digital systems. Nowadays I find myself bridging and creating strategies and tactics for and between geek, roleplaying, and business collectives. Butter-flying around in and bumblebeeing between various cultures makes me a better “disruptor” in all related contexts. By stirring things up just enough to raise awareness on (unfitting) assumptions of all kinds, and respectfully (facilitating the) learning from what follows, systems renew and memes evolve.

Of course I know that any effort to control the nature of things is ultimately useless!

One who knows this, however, is free to continue to insist on trying


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