Hacking the system

Battle of the sexes

Image by Ben Clifford via Flickr

For understanding where and how we can socially hack the system the best, we have to understand the anonymous invisible other hat first, and our preconceived notions, by investigating our past.

In our pasts, it was understood that each individual person is a mixture of BOTH male and female energies, no matter who claims the sun as symbol. I will not idealise how it was either way. Oppressive, suppressive and harsh on female energy. And things do change.

Two hats

Female energy was initially projected as organic, rooted, and involving soft skills. Creative, intuitive. Life bringer. In the oldest spiritualities the sun was cast as female because of that.

We used to have numbers. Numbers were used for rulers. For control and usury. That was male energy. Destructive. Death bringer. Using their bodies on earth as conquering tools. After a few solar storms the sun was cast male, and female energy began a long journey to absorb and understand the new traits of the associated spell casting, and how to counter spell (some of) its effects by controlled folly.

Many colorful hats

Nowadays both women and men are realistic (materialistic to the extreme), have a healthy perception of life (self interest comes first, always), are very flexible (can properly function in the planetar work machine), have an excellent critical mindset (lost all childlike wonder), are independent (developed their very own individual consumer behavior), divide tasks in all fairness (sacrifice their entire lives to their career in the planetary work machine), can voice their opinions (can not listen to nor care about other people’s interests, points of view and opinions, or when listening are looking for “holes” so these can effectively be fought or overruled), are very efficient and effective (have no time left for anything else except maintaining their function and place in the planetary work machine), live in the moment (have no sense of response ability), consider freedom the highest “good” (the freedom to do and not do whatever they like), let children determine their own life (have no time or energy left to bother with their education and upbringing), take life as it is (without further thought), invest in the future (are obsessed with illusionary securities), believe they can anticipate any situation they can be presented with in life (for using other beings and peoples for their own self-interest without congruent considerations), do not interfere in other people’s business (have lost all compassion for other beings and peoples on this planet), are an expert at everything (have no depth anywhere), make their own choices and decisions (without awareness of or remembering preconceived notions), have an aversion for ideologies (refuse to see they are caught in such a system), and readily play activist and revolutionary roles (have lost contact with their own passions and dreams because partaking in the system makes it impossible to manifest those, and without partaking in the system, individual survival is threatened due to lack of resources or because we may be perceived as dangerous (or tasty and nutritious) by the system, and oh boy, is *that* a predator!)

We are making tremendous headway! Yay!

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  1. An articulate fly-by of the landscape of “colorful hats” we find ourselves wearing without much conscious selection simply because they surround us and carry us along.

    We fear the feminine as we cannot control it. So rooted in primal living forces, we cannot convince deeply female energies that sparkling toys, awards and the spoils of war-business bring greater benefits than nurturing the welfare of unborn children, colleagues behind our backs and neighbors we pretend to know.

    Alluring, mysterious, basic, thrillingly alive and dangerously unpredictable… that nasty feminine energy… keeping us awake at night, disturbing our dreams, upsetting our bowels…

    Thank god for antacids, sleeping pills, and anti-depressants…

  2. :))) Thanks Michael. [hand on hip] How are you besides drugged up and being haunted by female energies?

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