I Stand With Bradley!

Artificial pond stocked with pond fish

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Bradley Manning is a foreign element, throwing a pebble in a pond of over-classification. He had the courage to stand up for what he believes in, and the naivety to speak with Adrian Lamo about it. And like every other defendant he deserves human conditions of detention and a fair trial. The world will be watching the trial and …

… the US is as much on trial as is Mr. Manning.

A pond

Though the surface of the pond is eerily quiet and shows me the reflection of my own human face, I cannot see in the pond. It is deep, and dark, and I have no idea how deep it really is, or what lies hidden beneath. What monsters might lurk there.

Most of us already “knew” what kind of fish and monsters (can) live there. Some of us had seen proof of their existence already. Cryptome and such sites have been at it for years. But all in all, it was not the talk of the town. Elitist. Out of the comfort zones of most, and in grand denial for the sake of benefits and other interests.

Bradley throws a pebble in the pond

From the position Bradley Manning was placed in, he could see some fish in the pond, albeit somewhat strange fish. He had heard stories of these fish, and seen ’em in the movies, but that’s just the movies, it isn’t real, and he was quite surprised to see they really existed.

Being raised in an excellent family he believed it served some broader social good if we could all see these fish truly existed. He wrote:

“I want people to see the truth regardless of who they are because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.” ~ Bradley Manning on Wikipedia

Thank you Bradley Manning, for restoring some trust across boundaries.
Less than 1% of the data released by WikiLeaks was labeled confidential. Most was classified secret. Apparently US government culture classifies information at the highest possible level instead of the lowest level really required to protect it. And not only that, for keeping information under wraps, longer is also seen as better.


When a pebble hits the surface, 9 ripples appear, and then the waves return and interference patterns can be seen. And thanks to the internet facilitating user participation, entry into the mass media industry is no longer expensive.

Using my filters, I found information that seem to confirm schemes like these:

9. Building military-to-military relations with an unreformed and un-reforming military undermines efforts by citizens to rein in such institutions. Evasion of real civilian control is made possible by military-to-military and political-to-political relations. ~ What is world politics aiming for?

Fish that just appear to confirm what strange fish we already knew were swimming around there. In the by Wikileaks released data I did not find any information on intelligence sources and methods, or any weapons of mass destruction. Nor did I find private data in the released information. The early Afghanistan releases did reveal names of Afghan people in the reports, and Wikileaks learned. All of the releases after that have been searched down to the nitty gritty details by Wikileaks people. The gatekeepers did and are doing their very best in my book.

Thank you guys and gals at WikiLeaks and the independent newspapers and TV stations that pre-read and researched any raw data to protect sensitive and private data. Much appreciated.

Back to the source

Bradley Manning, or rather the pebble he threw in the pond, can be seen as a foreign element:

In an organizational context, a foreign element can be generated internally, inspired by the desire to improve. This desire can come from management or from participants on the operational level; the change can be mandated or voluntary. How such desires are substantiated by which stakeholder will greatly affect the reaction to the foreign element. In both cases they are reactions. In the case of an unwanted, unexpected or mandated change the people within the organisation (system) may try a number of strategies to neutralize the impact of the alien element. The system may reject and expel the foreign element; people may ignore it, use delaying tactics, or may try to encapsulate the foreign element within the “normal” ways of handling things, or they may try to find a scapegoat to attack and blame.

A healthy balanced system accepts and investigates the foreign element mirrors received with care in mind, and integrates what is (re)useful.

A healthy balanced response to the pebble and the ripples could be to realise that sensitive and private information needs to be guarded, but that not everything has to be a secret. Maybe even that a system that is built on “knowledge is power to dominate” is not a healthy balanced system to begin with and that a system that is built on “congruent dignity” probably works much better.

“It turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order – and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order” ~ Douglas Hofstadter

Deep inside the chaos …

… where I cannot even see my own human face as reflection, some monster may lurk, and maybe get frightened it will be revealed too, or maybe just get bored with all currently running wars on whatever, or for something completely different. For some reason, these monsters always react to a foreign element.

Had Bradley not spoken to Lamo, his identity would have remained a secret. Wikileaks would not have revealed its source. But he did speak with Lamo, revealing himself.

The US incarcerated Bradley, and has him in solitary confinement, for over 200 days now. A very unhealthy and unbalanced reaction. Let us respond to this (over)reaction.


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