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Opening HACK42

The Hack42 stand at HitBSecConf2010

The Arnhem Hackerspace HACK42 just got its 200m2 SPACE. We just *had* to go and see for ourselves, and congratulate them.

Images below link to 640×480 versions. Alas, higher resolutions not available (yet), as someone else took the data from the camera and gave me web versions (for now).
See my impressions of our journey and visit to the new hackerspace HACK42


Close open doors, and open closed minds

SVG Diagram of the "Onion Routing" P...

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Encryption of data is a great start in addressing privacy concerns. It hides what is being said. Who is saying it is still visible though. You are not anonymous, and you are being tracked.

Many parties have a stake in providing, using, observing or even preventing anonymous surfing and participation. These stalkers range from multinational corporations to national governments to disenfranchised individuals.
There’s a door. Where does it go? It stays where it is, I think.

The past is a ghost, or was it the future?

NOAA Ocean Explorer: NOAA Ship Okeanos Explore...

Ad networks, behavioral data providers, web publishers, other companies, and perhaps even the government, are interested in your activity. So there are “invisible” trackers to track your tracks.

Most are absolutely harmless. Some record your detailed web browsing history, including data you submit to websites: website address, webpage, date, time of connection, GET and POST parameters.

Totally unbelievable and against all common sense, in the best traditions!

Anonymous sit-ins

They say: We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.