Anonymous sit-ins

Civil disobedience

In a world where individual civilians and their freedom and liberties are no longer at the top of the pyramid, having been replaced by a self serving political class using government functions and institutions to enlarge, entrench, and enrich itself, Anonymous is basically a nonviolent civil disobedience tactic if all else fails.

First the soap box, then the ballot box, then the jury box, then the ammo box.

And the ammo-box is a massive virtual sit-in achieved by a DDoS attack. No lasting harm is done (freaked out system administrators do not count).

Outline of a sit-in

There is no leadership. Anyone can bring up an operation or a target and raise support for it. Targets within an operation can be more than one and if so, are democratically chosen. The IRC channel of an operation serves to discuss strategy and targets. These channels are moderated by staff. And trolling (unless it’s for the lulz) is not welcome.

And anyone that wants to can participate in one of the operations. Or bumblebee around between the operations.

Typical of Operations

  • Anonymous operations tackle issues with a high level of complexity, issues that no individual or small community fully understands or can solve and got stuck on. Throwing a pebble in the pond …
  • A high level of diversity in operations in terms of skills, tools, platforms and people is involved in a successful sit-in.
  • The most popular operations seem to be the ones that deal with real or potential conflict, which implies that people care enough about the issue at hand to not avoid confrontation.
  • Operations appear to be urgent, meaning the time for decisions and action was “yesterday”. Issues we, as a collective, have been tacitly denying.
  • Participants bring their own food and drink, if they have it.

Keys and doors

To participate you will need IRC and a DDoS tool, and (for some operations) an telephone/fax connection (landline or online).

IRC tools

Besides the Quickjoin links offered on AnonOps, there are also some standalone IRC clients you can use: Colloquy for the Mac and mIRC for Windows, and the cross-protocol IM applications such as Adium on the Mac and Pidgin on Windows, Mac and Linux are all recommended options.

If you use a standalone you can find the servers to connect to here.

And finally, you can find a List of Internet Relay Chat commands here.

DDoS tools

When using loic as DDoS tool, make sure you only download it from a trusted source as by now, “other” versions may exist. Instructions for download (with links for that) and setup can be found here. If you run into problems, / join #setup on IRC and ask.

Mind you, loic is not anonymous. Sniffers can detect your IP address. If, while in hivemind, you run a tool like Tor that relies on running its own proxy servers, all Tor tunnels would clog up. Your loic tool attacks Tor if you use it.

If you prefer not to use hivemind, or want (or need) to use other tools like slowloris (usage on Windows is not guaranteed to work, as some versions throttle the use of sockets) or simply UDP flooding (doc), that’s all possible.

The point of the tool is to make sitting in as easy as possible, not to make it secure. Civil disobedience takes courage knowing as a participant we might be visible. It keeps us responsible and it keeps us from becoming the petty tyrants we fight.

More …

Unless we are talking about a government murdering people, overtly or covertly, of course. That’s no petty tyrant. That’s a Major Tyrant and more measures are required. Some wars are worth fighting. And this is a FAQ & Safety that may be handy when participating in an Anonymous operation in such a context.


Anonymous is facilited by a freakishly fluid operation. Really, hats off peeps!

If one wants to join in in a particular operation, run the loic tool, set the server to and the channel to the [#opname] (loic opname, not IRC channel opname, see topic IRC channel for all relevant information) you wish to participate in, select hivemind mode, charge yah lazer, and sit back (in).

The topic of the operation’s IRC channel [#opname] also contains all information available at that point in time. If there are multiple targets, likely a piratepad link is present. Just click all the links in the topic to inform yourself to make choices for how to contribute best.

But is it a threat to free enterprise?

Yes, yes, it can be. If an enterprise is harming others or environment, and then avoids responsibility, even after having been found out, it might get hit. Something like this would be the perfect “victim”:

In case your enterprise becomes a target, just consider a sit-in by anonymous, one of those fine feminine slaps in your face. And you can safely imagine her looking at your enterprise with intense disgust. It is not an illusion. It is a knock-on effect. You knocked?

Be careful how you respond to Anonymous. Very careful. Those (hair) jewels may not be what they seem, you have no idea what she has hidden under her colorful hat, or in her handbag or undergarments, and the eyes of the world will be on you.

And is religion safe from being sat in on?

I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. ~ Mohandas Gandhi

Update Feb 20: This morning I found a new soap box news item: Open Letter to Westboro Baptist Church in, presenting me with a freedom of speech dilemma. I do not want the people that Westboro Baptist Church targets in its hate campaigns, to have to put up with this kind of immature behavior. And I do not want to become the petty tyrant I fight.


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  1. Gabriella (Biella) Coleman has also written on anonymous, which she has now researched for several years.
    Check out:

    Search for her name(s;-) with ‘anonymous’ for more!

    Nynke, I have send her yr post!

    Cheers, patrizio & Diiiinooos!

  2. O, boy, o, boy, especially the last article of Gabriella Coleman is wonderful! I would love to be in contact with her. Thank you Patrice, for sending her my post.

    Rhizomatic, indeed, excellent metaphor. When water, food, shelter, etc (resources to meet basic needs) become scarce, a well known natural strategy by rhizomes is to facilitate the rapid horizontal expansion of existing patches of its species.

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