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You might as well start by looking in the data of your machine. Did you fill in your real name and address anywhere? Remove it. And don’t keep any of your passwords on your machine. A piece of paper will do.

KeePassX is very useful if you make more identities, keeping the database on a USB stick that you take out of your machine when you walk away from it, and keep that stick in a location only known to you.

Anonymous – the uber-secret handbook

The greatest threats to your safety are A) social engineering and your behaviour and B) revealing your IP address.


Anonymous – An Introductory Guide to Safety during Social Instability

Political activists, dissidents, and even nonpartisan bystanders caught in social instability are often fearful for their protection and protection of their families. Citizens may face harsh and even violent opposition by authorities and security forces in such situations. This guide is designed to introduce the reader to the mentality needed to stay safe during unrest and protests – both online and offline. It furthermore aims to assist in continued communications during periods of internet and phone line restrictions.



OrangeMesh is a simple, open source network management dashboard for ROBIN based networks. It helps communities, individuals, and business create and manage wireless mesh networks without any reliance on third parties.



Freenet is free software which lets you anonymously share files, browse and publish “freesites” (web sites accessible only through Freenet) and chat on forums, without fear of censorship. Freenet is decentralised to make it less vulnerable to attack, and if used in “darknet” mode, where users only connect to their friends, is very difficult to detect. For Linux and Unix.


Osiris – serverless portal system

Osiris portals are serverless, so they spread through the P2P network members. This allows the portals to be independent of central servers, free and indestructibles since they are supported by every portal member.
Moreover, all the sent contents are anonymous, enabling a strong privacy protection and ensuring that no one can overwhelm this experiment of free thought and knowledge distribution.
Osiris can also build monarchic portals for a traditional moderation.


The Social VPN Project

This is a free and open-source P2P Social Virtual Private Network (VPN) that seamlessly networks your computer with the computers of your friends so that:

  • Your computer can communicate directly to computers of your friends, and all communication is encrypted and authenticated. In other words, you are in full control of who you connect to and all your communications are private.
  • This private network is configured with no hassle. The social VPN does all the configuration automatically for you. All you and your friends need to do is run this software and log in to your XMPP backend (such as Google chat, or Jabber.org).
  • You and your friends can communicate, share and collaborate in countless ways, with existing applications, like iTunes, Windows shared folders, and remote desktop. You can share files and folders, stream music and video, play multi-user games, access remote desktops, and run a Web server private to your friends.
  • If you own multiple computers at different places, you can also use the Social VPN to seamlessly access your files, desktop, etc remotely – creating your own personal VPN.


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  1. Darth Sideous

    Thank you for putting all pieces together! As soon as I get my new computer, I’ll test it.

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