Monthly Archives: April 2011

Ath0 EtherApe in the coffeeshop

EtherApe is a network browsing tool, one of the few with a gui. It was modeled after Etherman. Featuring Ethernet, IP, TCP, FDDI, Token Ring and wireless modes, it displays network activity graphically.

Cheers to an interesting afternoon …

The Internet is an Ecology

Saturn and the Beehive cluster

Image by madmiked via Flickr

From an ecological perspective, flipping the power-over switch to off, the power-to-do switch to on, and building more hives for collaboration, that’s like a diaspora. A diaspora of privacy, anonymity, security, freedom of thought, freedom of speech and dignity. For and by all of us. And it doesn’t involve violence. It may require some force on occasion though.

It certainly involves receiving with care in mind, and giving with emotions.