Ath0 EtherApe in the coffeeshop

EtherApe is a network browsing tool, one of the few with a gui. It was modeled after Etherman. Featuring Ethernet, IP, TCP, FDDI, Token Ring and wireless modes, it displays network activity graphically.

Installation and configuration

Easy. Just get it from the repository.

sudo apt-get install etherape

Now you can either open it up by issuing the command etherape from a command line, or in your Applications menu: Internet -> EtherApe (as root). Empty, ofcourse. Nothing is being captured yet, as you haven’t told it from which interfaces to capture data, and what data to capture.

Capture -> Interfaces -> Pick your interface
Capture -> Mode -> Pick your mode

Note: Etherape does not support the Wifi0 interface. If you are using wireless in that coffeeshop, you will most likely be able to use ath0. If you cannot get your ath0 to behave properly, get madwifi.

OOOOOooooo! Lots of pretty images!

The various protocols have colors by default. CUPS and Domain are blue, WWW, TCP, ICMP are red, IMAP2 is purple, and POP3 is yellow. You can change the colors in the Preferences window.

Screenshot-EtherApe: Preferences


You can also set filtering in the Diagrams tab of Preferences. You can set it to only monitor internal traffic in that small text area labeled “Capture filter”. You can enter something like ip and src net 192.168 and dst net 192.168

Note: 192.168 is the first two sections of your internal network addressing.

Reading tcpdump files

Etherape can also read files from tcpdump. For that, run tcpdump with the -n and -w flags.

tcpdump -n -w dump_file

More fun stuff

See the FAQ for inspiration.


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