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Be the media and mine for data of interest to you

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Besides links exchanges between websites, subscribing to each others’ blogs, becoming members in Anonymous forums, chatrooms, participating in anonymous IRC channels, setting up, tweeted times, and gathering some data from retweeting interesting search terms, what else can we use that’s within the law for gathering ammunition (mining data) and crossing our beams in a social media kakafonia?

More bots of course!


Operation AnonyMouse

Stamp Die Sendung mit der Maus, 1998

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How does it feel to have our lives taken over by the war-work-machine and do things we never intended while we watched our own dreams, passions and joy in life evaporate? Wanting to take our responsibility we may wonder how we got ourselves in this state?

I found myself wondering if it was possible to produce a mirror to analog world political ponerologists and corrupt capn’s of industry in the digital world.

This is just a train of thought, a feasibility study at best

If you won’t let us dream, then we won’t let you sleep


The military industrial complex is encroaching on us all, preventing us, The People, from dreaming our own dreams beyond. Some people apparently believe that “what is allowed” means “because I can”. Well, we can too! And have probably more power-to-do.

You can stake out any future by arrogating the conceiving and using the usual strategical and tactical planning for appropriation of the done.

It means you will lose, and who knows, maybe even learn?

Making sockpuppet music by retweeting twitter search terms

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The Anonymous Sockpuppet bot only retweets original posts, does not retweet retweets, and removes your own tweets from the feed before retweeting.

This equivalent of a stick with a fizzing fuse and Acme Dynamite Company written on the side might work better than wearing wet copper armor and holding a lightning rod during a lightning storm.

It’s more interesting, and doesn’t take so long