Why @AskMetalGear?

I have received messages from people saying that they fear MetalGear as well as OpMetalGear.


I told Anonymiss Express:

We have a better chance of being heard and making impact with our comments and articles if there is an underlying tone of support.

@AskMetalGear is a support avatar for that. Depending on the amount of questions asked, and based on questions already answered, it may evolve into a FAQ bot, with real human support for any questions asked outside the FAQ.

MetalGear Fear or Questions

Fears can be grounded, questions answered, by gaining knowledge. With knowledge we create choices for ourselves to protect ourselves as best as we can. But not all knowledge gathered in OpMetalGear is accessible by all. Language barriers, other cultural barriers between scientists and non-scientists, other blocks to being able to understand articles ….

What I get out of running this account?

I don’t want to blindly write supportive articles to make the gathered data more accessible without knowing what interpretations need clarification or further verification or validation. I wish to use my time and energy somewhat more dedicated. More purposeful.

Pretense experiences from both outside as well as inside pretender voices are usually the result of processing energy experiences in a non-reality way. I will be much more effective at participating in OpMetalGear when I start with an attitude of support before moving into the challenge of raising awareness and alertness. Reception of energy and respectful facilitation of more perceptions can give me that balance.


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