If you won’t let us dream, then we won’t let you sleep


The military industrial complex is encroaching on us all, preventing us, The People, from dreaming our own dreams beyond. Some people apparently believe that “what is allowed” means “because I can”. Well, we can too! And have probably more power-to-do.

You can stake out any future by arrogating the conceiving and using the usual strategical and tactical planning for appropriation of the done.

Hey Fellas! You Better Think! … ♫ http://blip.fm/~14tim2

But let me not be the petty tyrant we fight and arrogate conceiving by giving us Anonymiss any ideas for internet activism.

I will simply start a series of blogs on possibly useful internet resources.

The site requires no registration for a single wakeup call. Anonymiss exist all over the world, we don’t have to lose any sleep over it ourselves.


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