Operation AnonyMouse

Stamp Die Sendung mit der Maus, 1998

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How does it feel to have our lives taken over by the war-work-machine and do things we never intended while we watched our own dreams, passions and joy in life evaporate? Wanting to take our responsibility we may wonder how we got ourselves in this state?

I found myself wondering if it was possible to produce a mirror to analog world political ponerologists and corrupt capn’s of industry in the digital world.

What if I can inflict this feeling of utter confusion, cognitive dissonance and endless frustration on my to-be-victim using VNC, a computer remote control protocol?

It works simple enough. I install a VNC server on my victim’s computer, set port forwarding on router(s), install a VNC client on my own machine, and then I could put my victim at the effect of my Mouse Moves. I’d be playing the role of Evil Puppetmaster, or rather Evil Mousemaster.

Would it be possible to install the VNC server silently and invisibly?

Possibilities of VNC software are TightVNC, RealVNC, UltraVNC, and ChickenVNC (Mac).

Assuming our victims are using Window$ systems, whatever VNC server software for the platform we choose, one needs administrative rights, access to the remote admin$ shares and registry access on the machine one wants to install the server. The machine of my victim. Once I have that, I could use a script like this.

So yes, Operation AnonyMouse would be entirely possible, depending on context and security of would-be-victims, and skills of hackers involved.


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