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Besides links exchanges between websites, subscribing to each others’ blogs, becoming members in Anonymous forums, chatrooms, participating in anonymous IRC channels, setting up, tweeted times, and gathering some data from retweeting interesting search terms, what else can we use that’s within the law for gathering ammunition (mining data) and crossing our beams in a social media kakafonia?

Social News Corp

@VnHfwgn sent @NanaSilvergrim this link:

All it does is mine for data, and then display in by them chosen categories (which affects how we view it). But what matters more is the search terms and what gets blocked, and I can’t set those either in these centralised type of media. I can’t see what they are dismissing and isn’t presented, and I can’t see what they base dismissals on. On top of that, the site has no style at all. Yuk.

And I thought how on Earth can Social be a Corp? No Way. And we, The People, can do much better? An Orchestra of choices! Each with our own instruments.

Ze Agile Plan

I will start by scratching my own itch and create bots for a more or less focused newspaper blog: Nana Silvergrim’s blogspot. She is singlehandedly taking on Monsanto!

I be hoist’n th’ Folly Roger on Captains o’ Industry! ~ Cap’n Nana Silvergrim

The bots will be dedicated to The People, the universal public domain, controllable by its users as much as possible, and with transparent code.

By using Yahoo Pipes I can. Anyone can check the source of any of the published pipes, and when you register you can clone the pipes and make your own changes to it. I’ll refine and expand functionality of bots based on feedback. From myself to begin with.

I have dedicated a new site to anonymous bot building.


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