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In a way, it didn’t matter who they were. In fact, their anonymity was part of the whole business. They thought themselves part of the march of history, the tide of progress and the wave of the future. They were men who thought The Time Had Come. Regimes can survive barbarian hordes, crazed terrorists, and hooded secret societies, but they’re in real trouble when prosperous and anonymous men sit around a bit table and think thoughts like that. — Terry Pratchett

New OpenVAS releases


The OpenVAS developers have announced the sixth maintenance release of the openvas-libraries 4.0 module, the fifth maintenance release of the openvas-scanner 3.2 module, and the second maintenance release of the OpenVAS Administrator 1.1, the local and remote administrative tool for the Open Vulnerability Assessment System release 4 (OpenVAS-4)

The source tarball for these releases along with checksums and signatures are available for download from the OpenVAS website at Binary packages for major GNU/Linux distributions by third parties are expected in the following weeks.

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Opening HACK42

The Hack42 stand at HitBSecConf2010

The Arnhem Hackerspace HACK42 just got its 200m2 SPACE. We just *had* to go and see for ourselves, and congratulate them.

Images below link to 640×480 versions. Alas, higher resolutions not available (yet), as someone else took the data from the camera and gave me web versions (for now).
See my impressions of our journey and visit to the new hackerspace HACK42

I Stand With Bradley!

Artificial pond stocked with pond fish

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Bradley Manning is a foreign element, throwing a pebble in a pond of over-classification. He had the courage to stand up for what he believes in, and the naivety to speak with Adrian Lamo about it. And like every other defendant he deserves human conditions of detention and a fair trial. The world will be watching the trial and …

… the US is as much on trial as is Mr. Manning

Key responses to insider threat poll

Of course, the poll is spell casting. The poll is set up such that people can easily fill in from whatever universe they have built for themselves and respond from there, assuming that whatever meaning they have just interpreted, was meant in the poll. 

You or I might think that at least one would show courage and put up a fight. But neither you nor I have suffered as they, and even we have born witness in silence to lesser ills under less dire threat. Yet, in the face of evil, to sit silent is an even greater evil. Complacency is ever the enabler of darkest deeds. ~ Robert Fanney

What the keys had to say …