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Open up new spaces of consciousness

I’ll be more enthusiastic about encouraging thinking outside the box when there’s evidence of any thinking going on inside it. ~ Terry Pratchett

We, the anonymous individuals on the internet, need to regain possession and control over our own personal data and protect free communication between us. Anonymous seems rhizomatic, says Biella Coleman. Under stress, a well known natural strategy by rhizomes is to facilitate the rapid horizontal expansion of existing patches of its species.
A lateral anonymous diaspora? What if the internet can provide the agar agar for user controlled private patches, also when the internet is partly down?


Close open doors, and open closed minds

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Encryption of data is a great start in addressing privacy concerns. It hides what is being said. Who is saying it is still visible though. You are not anonymous, and you are being tracked.

Many parties have a stake in providing, using, observing or even preventing anonymous surfing and participation. These stalkers range from multinational corporations to national governments to disenfranchised individuals.
There’s a door. Where does it go? It stays where it is, I think.