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Opening HACK42

The Hack42 stand at HitBSecConf2010

The Arnhem Hackerspace HACK42 just got its 200m2 SPACE. We just *had* to go and see for ourselves, and congratulate them.

Images below link to 640×480 versions. Alas, higher resolutions not available (yet), as someone else took the data from the camera and gave me web versions (for now).
See my impressions of our journey and visit to the new hackerspace HACK42


Revspace party

It was last night. And in a new den. The party was a New Year’s party and also the official opening of Revelation Space, Den Haag ~ also servicing Zoetermeer, Delft, Voorburg, Rijswijk and the rest of the world.
Everything is there. Labs, space, and lots of humor, creativity and engineering approaches.