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Thunderbird as MUA for i2p mail


Once I had I2P properly running, I got me a mail account from hq.postman.i2p. Accounts can send and receive mail from the normal internet. Postman’s I2P-based mail system can be accessed either via I2P’s built-in mail client (susimail) or using any mail client that supports smtp and pop3. But not all clients are suitable for that.

Not all MUAs work the same when it comes to composing and sending a mailmessage …


#I2P does not trust parties

Screenshot of I2P router console web UI

Image via Wikipedia

I2P is an anonymising network, offering a simple layer that identity-sensitive applications can use to securely communicate. All data is wrapped with several layers of encryption, and the network is both distributed and dynamic, with no trusted parties.

I2P is still a work in progress and it should not be relied upon for “guaranteed” anonymity at this time. It is not immune to attacks from those with unlimited resources, and may never be, due to the inherent limitations of low-latency mix networks.
Still, it provides an excellent mindset fitting predatorial universes