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Privacy, Anonymity and Security on IRC

Regardless of what we are told or have read, security is an endless race in a double helix of which one haz no stop condition. Can not understand “NO”.

But, software can be made relatively secure, for instance by using a secure channel within a closed IRC community. But when joining open public channels we are out in the open.

Even Down A Rabbit Hole


#Anonymous #IRC Suits

A typical clown getup

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When you wish to enter anonymously into an anonymous IRC room, make sure you are not wearing a clown suit and a cow bell around your neck, shouting “hey hey” at the castle from the open field, well within range of the firing gallery.

Don’t be too embarrassed, most of us have Been There. Done That. Got the Suit. And this is not new. Realise you have been strutting your stuff like this on the internet unwittingly, up until now.
Here’s how to get dressed in a more anonymous suit.

Anonymous sit-ins

They say: We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.