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Close open doors, and open closed minds

SVG Diagram of the "Onion Routing" P...

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Encryption of data is a great start in addressing privacy concerns. It hides what is being said. Who is saying it is still visible though. You are not anonymous, and you are being tracked.

Many parties have a stake in providing, using, observing or even preventing anonymous surfing and participation. These stalkers range from multinational corporations to national governments to disenfranchised individuals.
There’s a door. Where does it go? It stays where it is, I think.


Hunting proxies

charon ~ seated

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On request for a Microsoft XP user ~ no access to Linux tools

Searching proxies by using these tools, you may be perceived as hacker and treated as such by authorities. On tools for leeching proxy server lists

Anonymous is still a woman

A schematic representation of a proxy server.

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On request for a Microsoft XP user ~ no access to Linux tools

By using a Proxy server, you can surf the internet anonymously. A proxy can also be used for mining blocked sites.
On proxy servers, available services and applications, and legal considerations …