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#Anonymous #IRC Suits

A typical clown getup

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When you wish to enter anonymously into an anonymous IRC room, make sure you are not wearing a clown suit and a cow bell around your neck, shouting “hey hey” at the castle from the open field, well within range of the firing gallery.

Don’t be too embarrassed, most of us have Been There. Done That. Got the Suit. And this is not new. Realise you have been strutting your stuff like this on the internet unwittingly, up until now.
Here’s how to get dressed in a more anonymous suit.


Cause mayhem! Bleat like Firesheep for security!

Have you had your identity stolen yet? It sure isn’t fun. And you were not the only one. Did you get through to and were you supported by the developer of the site? Likely not. Maybe you got your account restored. Maybe you were made to think it was in your power, your responsibility, and you had just been a dummie user?

A first solution exists to prevent the easy sidejack, but does not seem to get through. Many web sites still leave its users wide open to identity theft.
Sidejacking is common, and you can help raise awareness on it by causing some mayhem, without actually stealing identities